Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, as you know from my last post i am "picture happy" and yesterday in the mail i received the most wonderful thing! My photos i had ordered from snapfish! Wahoo my 8x10's of Grace have finally arrived. And the frames that were sitting on the shelf so patently finally had something to go in them!
But now i am faced with a major problem! Going from a wall with 4 5x7 frames and 4 8x10 frames to a wall with....wait for it......wait for it......6 5x7 frames and 6 8x10 frames...I know its a bit overkill but i have good reasons! I have one 8x10 of Blase when he was born that never changes and one 5x7 of him that never changes...Well now i have a new little angel that gets a spot on the wall. But how do i take anything away from Blase?!? So, i decided to just add. Well lets just say that Jason was very shocked when he came home and saw the new wall! LOL I have to admit i am quite proud of myself! And i know that i will NOT be adding any more frames. Pictures will just be replaced.
Here's what it looks like:
So the top row will always stay the same except the picture in the middle of both of them it will be updated often.
Then in the second row from left to right. The first frame will always be Halloween Pictures..Then Blase with his age..then family..then we change that little frame of Blase into something maybe with both of them and then the frame on the end will be grace with her age..but right now it is blank till i get my 5x7 of grace...and then the bottom will change often and it will always be one of Blase and one of Grace alone.
I think it looks good!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picture Happy

As most of you all know i am picture obsessed!! I love pictures. I cannot have enough and i love to get them done often. I mean it feels like we just brought home Blase yet he is going to be 3 next month! 3 can you believe it?? I cannot...So, I love to get pictures done and I love to take pictures (even though i have a really crappy camera) So back to the story...

Tuesday, night we decided to go get pictures of our "new" family. I also, decided that it would be the best time to take Blase's 3 year old pictures and some pictures of him and Grace. Grace did not have to get hers done because she already had a fashion shoot!

Now we went on Tuesday and this is the same day that i had taken Blase to the Dr for his shots. But in my defense he was in a super good mood (he took a 3 and 1/2 hour nap) even though he was still a little sluggish but it was the best time to do it because then he would not be bouncing off the walls while we wait. So we loaded up the car and headed to my favorite place (Jason's hell) the picture people! (We have had one to many bad experiences) although i keep going back. They take awesome pictures!

There was a little wait when we got there but they got us in quickly thank goodness cause i did not make an appointment. So we start..Family picture..I know Grace looks a little pissed but oh well what are you going to do...We had one other option and that was us standing and i did not like the way i looked so this had to be the winner.

Next, we had to do Blase's 3rd Birthday picture. He was already over it but hey sometimes you must do things to please your mother. He is such a little model just turn the camera on him and all of a sudden he is ready to shine. So here is his 3rd birthday picture

Then, we had to get a Brother Sister picture. And with my OCD Blase had to have on a different shirt and Grace had to have an outfit change as well. By this point they were both over it. I can bribe Blase with a cookie but Grace is not as easy! But hey we got what we needed and they both look so stinking cute!

They both look good and Blase was so happy to get to hold his sister!

I already went to Walmart and bought more frames now i just have to figure out how i am going to add these to my wall of photos!

Well i am done bragging about my family! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!!

I will have to post tomorrow night after we dye our Easter Eggs! That should be lots of fun with an almost 3 year old!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Moly Easter Bunny!

Ok so apparently i am slacking. I am totally going to blame it on Grace and my lack of a brain. For some reason i seem to just keep thinking i have plenty of time until Easter. So we have not gone to see the Easter bunny. I am usually so on top of these kinds of things but for some reason i am not this year. So, yesterday i see that my Sister in Law Jessica took Kalen to go see the Easter bunny. And i think so myself ok we need to go soon...maybe next week...Well stupid me i look at the calender and Easter is NEXT Sunday!! Duh Danielle you have to go this week!!!

Now just to fill you all in last year we went and saw the Easter bunny and this is what the picture looked like:

I am sitting behind the pillow....Yes i totally held him down and Yes i totally bought the picture! I know i am a horrible mommy! But hey when he is older i will torture him with this picture.

Ok so back to this year. Blase went and saw the movie Hop with my parents so this year he was super excited about the Easter Bunny. In fact if you ask him what the Easter Bunny does he tells you "He poops jellybeans!" So i though that this might help make this years picture so much better! So this morning when he wakes up i tell him that we are going to go to church then go see the Easter Bunny. Well all he hears is the Easter Bunny...So he informed everyone that was seated by us at church that he was going to see the Easter Bunny. (luckily we had some really nice people around us and they all thought he was so cute!)

So we get in the car and drive to the mall....And of course there is a HUGE line!! Well i have my phone so i bride him to stay in the semi-sized stroller while we wait. He did really good in line until we rounded the corner and could see the Prize!! THE EASTER BUNNY!!! Now he cannot contain himself! He is grinning from ear to ear (good sign) and getting all excited. So i ask him if Grace can be in the picture also. He had to think about it but agreed that she could be in it. Now we are one person away. I swear if he could he would have tackled that little girl just so he could go!

Now its our turn. He looks to me for the ok. And i finally give it! And he is off like a flash! Hello Easter Bunny!

Here is this years picture:

So as you can see no freak out this year! Just one happy little boy! (He looks a bit uncomfortable but still smiling) and amazingly Grace is wide eyed as well!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poor sick toddler!

Well its been a couple of interesting days here in the Ullrich house! Blase (knock on wood) does not get sick often but when he does he goes big! This time last year we were in the ER with him with a HIGH fever. Well i guess April is the time for him to get sick. He once again is battling a fever and now hes also got a cough, runny nose, and an ear infection. Jason and I are not ones to really jump the gun but now with Grace i am a bit more of a trigger puller! LOL Blase started getting sick on Thursday, his voice started to sound a bit froggy. Friday morning when he woke up he had a nice fever. It went all the way up to 103 so we started the aspirin every 4 hours. On Saturday he woke up with a cough and runny nose. The fever was up and down so we decided to just wait and see. Yesterday, he was a little better but still not playing and just laying on the couch all day. I think that i can recite "Tangled" and "How to Train your Dragon" by heart! So this morning he once again woke up with the cough and fever so i called the dr. So we dropped Grace off at Bobo's (I didn't want her in the drs office with a bunch of sick kids) and off to the dr's Blase and I went. Dr. Neilson was full so we saw one of her new drs. (I wish Neilson had an opening cause she knows Blase and he knows her) They tested him for the flu which came back negative. But he does have some type of viral infection thus the runny nose, cough, and fever. But he also has an ear infection! So they gave him an antibiotic and told me lots of liquids and rest. I have to keep an eye on Grace if she gets a fever (100.4) we have to go to the hospital since she is under 2 months old! Luckily my parents are going to take Blase tomorrow night to Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Grace is doing good! Getting bigger and bigger by the day! She is one month old on the 13th!! OMG where did that month go?? She is such a good baby we are so lucky!
We got her a play gym the other day. She is not to sure about it yet but i am sure she will come to love it!

Also, I have started to plan Blase's 3rd birthday party!! WOW 3 years already?!! We are doing a pirate theme this year. Although he changes his mind every day on what type of party he wants... But i started buying the decorations so pirate it is!

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