Saturday, March 5, 2011

T-Minus 10 Days!

10 days and counting (not that im counting down or anything) I cannot believe that we are almost in single digets until this new little one graces us with her presense!! I have been going to the Dr every week for the last 3 weeks and no change! Ugh most frustrating thing in the world! His advice yesterday was to walk! So that is exactly what we did....Jason was not to thirlled about it but he went willingly...We were quite the site...Preggo Lady, Running Toddler, Crazy Jack Russel and a Hubby along for the ride.. Blase loved running on the first part of the walk! He loved that Kosmo was with us and he just had a great time! On the way home he was ready to relax in his wagon and he had someone else join him! (No not me i am trying to get this baby out!)

Also we got some exciting new we got another addition to the family!! A new car! My Elantra was just way to small to fit 2 kids and a double stroller! The stroller did not even fit in the trunk of my car unless you took the front wheels off (which my husband did not see any problem with!) So we had been doing some research and just decided to go and check out what we could afford used. The Elantra is paid off in October and we did not want to have 2 car payments again so we decided that it would be best to trade in Jason's Sentra and then get me a new car and he can have the Elantra....So that is exactly what we did! We were looking at the Santa Fe and then we saw this Rouge. They were both around the same price the Santa Fe had a few more bells and whistles (like leather seats and the trunk was a smig bigger) but the Rouge gets better gas miles....So Jason went for a test drive (I hate test driving cars i get so nervious) and Ricky ended up coming to help us with the negoations and we ended up leaving with a new car!! I love it! She drives so smooth and there is so much room in the trunk and in the back seat...Granted we still cannot fit anymore people in with us because of the car seats and we did NOT want a mini-van but the stroller fits and the kids fit so what more can you ask for!
Well thats about all that is going on right now....hopefully the next update will be of this baby girl!!
Love to all!! :)

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  1. You made a great choice on the Rogue. It really, truly does get GREAT gas mileage. I know I don't really go out that much, but I still go out here and there to little places and my gas usually last me 1 month! Although, im sure that will change once im going to school 5 days a week. YUCK!

    Cute pictures! Can't wait to see the arrival of little miss.


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