Sunday, March 20, 2011

Introducing Grace Alexis

Well on March 13, 2011 at 2:24 pm Grace decided to make her entrance into the world..And what an entrance it was!
Jason and I we admitted into the hospital around 3 am and that is when the adventure started! As soon as they hooked me up to the monitors he heart beat was low (we think i was not hooked up correctly) But all of a sudden the room was full of nurses and they are getting ready to give me some type of shot to stop the contractions..Finally he heart beat comes back up and they call the Dr. He orders a Biographical Survey Sonogram. Well everything checked out crisis averted! Around 6 am my water broke! Wahoo progress! Dr comes in checks me everything is looking good! I tried to hold off for the epidural as long as i could. Around 10 am i told Jason that i wanted to get it. Here's another adventure! They come in and explain all the yada yada...And they start...(I've done this before I'm a pro so i thought) The way that they had me sitting it was really hard for me to curve my back like they wanted. The woman doing the epidural ended up stabbing me 6 times! And kept asking me where i feel the epidural! Like i know! Finally after about 5 minutes (felt like forever) i tell the nurse that I'm going to pass out. She takes my blood pressure and it has tanked and now they are asking if i want them to stop! Are you crazy! You've stabbed me 6 times just get it done! Finally, its in! Relief!
Mom got there around 11 am and we are all just talking and relaxing...Blase is with Aunt Jessica and Uncle Big Mikey. Now the babies heart beat starts going a little loopy again. They decide that they are going to put water back into me so that she can get off her cord. They think that the way she was laying every time i had a contraction it pushed her onto her cord and thus lowering her heart beat. Mom asks the nurse about how much longer know that there is really no time line but people are asking! The nurse told her probably about 4 more hours. Mom says that she is going to go call everyone and give them an update. The Dr had just been in and said i was about 6 cm. Well, Grace had other plans! I have a contraction in the 2 min time frame of mom leaving the room and i look at the nurse and say "there is a ton of pressure there" she checks me and now I'm 8 cms! I look at Jason and tell him to call mom don't leave the room. I have another contraction and now there is a TON of pressure. I again tell the nurse (Mom gets into the room now) and she checks again (now mind you this is like another 2 mins) she gets on her phone and calls the Dr. she tells him that I'm ready and she is basically holding the baby in! Dr. Winger enters the room and tells mom that she does not have a chance to leave the room! She takes a spot all the way up in the corner (she doesn't want to see any of the business end!) Winger tells me to push. I pushed 3 times and then she is here! We could not believe that we went from a 4 hour time frame to the baby being here!
So Grace Alexis entered the world at 2:24pm
6 pounds 13 ounces
20.5 inches long
Happy and Healthy!
We were lucky that we were able to get out of the hospital on Monday even though her bilirubin was a little high. They told us that we would have to come back to the hospital on Tuesday to have it checked again. I called our pediatrician and she said that they can do it in the office. So we went and had that done and checked her weight. She was 6 pounds 9 ounces They did not check her weight before we left the hospital so they wanted me to come back on Wednesday to make sure that she is gaining. So they call us with her test results. They said that they were fine. We go back on Wednesday and they just weigh her she dropped again now she is 6 pounds 8 ounces. They tell me to give her a bottle of breast milk every other feeding and to come back again tomorrow! So i do what I'm told actually she got more bottles then boob! (which is fine with me) and i take her back again and thank goodness she is finally gaining! She gained 5 ounces in one day! I'm thinking that she is not latching correctly and that is why she was not gaining. So now she is on the bottle (I'm pumping) which makes it a bit easier because Jason can help.
Blase LOVES his baby sister Grace! He is very lovey with her and always wants to help. He still does not understand that he has to be more careful around her but he is doing better than any of us expected.

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  1. Love the birth story. Glad it was an easy delivery.

    By the way, the new background is really cute!


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