Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grow Grace Grow!!

On Monday Grace had her 2 week check up! Wow two weeks already! Dang where did the time go? If you don't know already she has given Jason and I a run for our money. Between the Jaundice and the not gaining weight she has really kept us on our toes! Well her coloring is back to normal and she is growing and putting on weight!! When we went to the Dr she was 7 pounds and 9.5 ounces!!! She is still such a good baby (knock on wood) This week was also super fun for Blase. Monday he had school and when i picked him up his teacher said that he was a new kid. Listening to all the directions and well behaved! Then on Tuesday after work my mom came and got him to stay at her house. Then on Wednesday my mom and dad took Blase to Disney! Which he LOVES!! So Jason and I got to spend some one on one time with Grace. Blase came back Wednesday night and then today we were going to go get family pictures done but due to the rain we put it off till next week. The other day Jason and I went to target with Grace and we got Blase the game Hi-Ho Cherry-o and tonight we played it! He loved it! And he won 2 out of the 3 games! So that's what has been going on in our house! :)

1 comment:

  1. We used to LOVE that game. Glad you got some "alone" time.
    It is good that she does not have colic too! You seemed to dodge the Ullrich allergy bullet!


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