Saturday, March 26, 2011

Did you say bath time?

Dang my kids look so much alike. Blase is in the frog tub and Grace is in the pink tub.
Bath time in the Ullrich house has always been such a peaceful time! We are lucky..Blase always enjoyed bath time and he still does. It actually has gotten to the point you have to warn him if its going to be a quick bath or shower because he freaks out! The kid can sit in the tub for hours on end if we would allow. I was not sure if maybe he was just a water child and this was a fluke! But last night after Blase was in the tub for almost an hour. He was full of wrinkles (as he would tell you) I brought Blase to Jason because it was almost bed time and we have to watch "Bubble Guppies" before we go to bed. (Let me tell you that show is as annoying as it sounds! LOL Kristi watched one with us and asked how we manage to even deal with it!) But if its the difference between a nice bedtime and a horrible one i am willing to zone out or find something else to do for a half hour. So last night i brought Blase to Jason and decided that it was time to give Grace a bath. I was a little unsure what was going to happen but both my kids are water babies! She willingly went into the sink/tub and relaxed for the whole half hour! She got a little mad when it was time to wash her but other than that she was just chilling! I do have to admit that i LOVE the smell of a freshly bathed baby!

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