Monday, March 7, 2011

8 days!

Ok well i have been trying to be more creative.... ya i know how crazy am I...I'm about to have a newborn and yet i am trying to be more creative! So i have been looking for nursing covers and i just could not justify spending 34 dollars on one...So yesterday when blase and i were out and about we went to Joann's and i got fabric to make one! It turned out really good! I'm quite impressed with myself. I had also been looking for a car seat cover...but again i could not justify spending the amount of money on i made one! They both turned out really good and I'm very impressed! So now i am thinking about maybe selling thus the reason for this blog...who would be interested in buying one?? I was thinking 12 for the nursing cover and then 15 for the car seat canopy.. Let me know what you all think!!

:) and please say some prayers that this baby gets out!!!!!


  1. I hope she gets out of there Danielle! And that's great you're able to sell them to people who are looking for that sort of thing. you're so creative!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Danielle!! Please keep us posted on your baby!!!!


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