Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Full Term!

Well that time has finally approached us! I am full term 37 weeks. And i can actually say that we are just about ready for her to get here. Granted she still doesn't have a name but the room is ready and waiting.
This time around we decided to go a bit understated from Pooh. So dad came over on Monday and finished the paintings and then mom came and we finished the curtains. So now we just need a few more things from Babies R Us and then we are ready.
I have been putting off packing my bag and I'm not really sure why and Jason just keeps telling me that if i don't pack it he cannot be held accountable for what he packs! lol i really must do that!
We are now going to the Dr every week and we have an appointment tomorrow.
Blase seems to be getting excited about his sister. He loves to give my belly kisses and hugs i just hope that, that feeling lasts once she gets here.
On Saturday we celebrated Kalen's First Birthday and what a lovely party Jessica threw! It makes me excited for Blase's 3rd birthday! Oh my 3 where has the time gone?? I feel like we just brought him home! Blase had a blast at the party it was just a little hard for him to sit and watch Kalen open his presents. He wanted to open them as well! But he survived!
I will keep you all updated with what is going on with Baby Girl!


  1. The room is beautiful in pink;) But I can't believe you guys were able to paint over alll that Pooh work. Can't wait to hold little baby A...or is it B... or is it C...

  2. Lol baby x. I think that's the name we are going with baby x. She is a lucky girl to get such a different name! Lol


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