Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello February!

Well let's see....Told you all that i am not good at keeping up with these things! LOL Well February is in full swing which is good and bad....This month is such a busy month for us....Valentine's Day, Kalen's First Birthday, My Birthday, Exams, Meetings, Painting, Play dates, Prepping for NEW BABY AHHH!!!!!
I think that this month is just going to go by even faster cause i am not quite ready for March to grace us with her presence! Oh well what can you do!??! Blase's new big boy room is just about done now I'm just waiting for the sheet (Wall-E) and the bedspreads to come and he can move...I am hoping to get his little butt up there by the end of the week. I might have to go buy another set of sheets since his Wall-E ones that he insisted on will not get here till the 14th-17th....But once he is moved it is on to the new nursery! Thank goodness cause i have a pink explosion in my bedroom that is just stressing my OCD out!! I cannot handle the clutter yet i have no where else to put it!
Blase is still going to school once a week. However, after much discussion and deliberation we decided that 2 days a week next year is just to much for both Mommy, Him and Baby Girl. I wish i could find a school that offers just one day a week again! Maybe that will be my project this week! Find a pre-school program for 3 year olds that is just one day a week!
I am feeling super pregnant lately and a bit overwhelmed! And i think that Blase is starting to sense it as well...He loves his sister though each night he has to hug and kiss my belly and he says goodnight sister Big Brother Blase loves you! Its so cute! Hopefully he still feels that way once she gets here.
Jason is doing good...keeping busy with school (he graduates in August!) And he has become very active in local politics so those meetings keep him busy.
Other than that its life as normal in this household!
Hopefully i will post again soon!

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  1. Im so excited for you and the baby girl to come. I miss you a lot and Blase and Jason! It will be nice when Matt and I move back over to the East Coast for a few years.
    Glad Blase's room is coming along good. When you're finished with it all - take a picture of his room so I can see.. and the nursery!
    Sounds like you all are very busy, but that is good for you both.

    Since I won't be able to be there, you have to let someone take some good pictures during her first few days of being born and post them online or e-mail them to me. I'd really like to see that precious baby girl!

    Okay im done ranting. Love you!!


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