Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Full Term!

Well that time has finally approached us! I am full term 37 weeks. And i can actually say that we are just about ready for her to get here. Granted she still doesn't have a name but the room is ready and waiting.
This time around we decided to go a bit understated from Pooh. So dad came over on Monday and finished the paintings and then mom came and we finished the curtains. So now we just need a few more things from Babies R Us and then we are ready.
I have been putting off packing my bag and I'm not really sure why and Jason just keeps telling me that if i don't pack it he cannot be held accountable for what he packs! lol i really must do that!
We are now going to the Dr every week and we have an appointment tomorrow.
Blase seems to be getting excited about his sister. He loves to give my belly kisses and hugs i just hope that, that feeling lasts once she gets here.
On Saturday we celebrated Kalen's First Birthday and what a lovely party Jessica threw! It makes me excited for Blase's 3rd birthday! Oh my 3 where has the time gone?? I feel like we just brought him home! Blase had a blast at the party it was just a little hard for him to sit and watch Kalen open his presents. He wanted to open them as well! But he survived!
I will keep you all updated with what is going on with Baby Girl!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well if you know me at all then you know what this week is to me!!! Danielle-a-palooza!! I love my birthday....But now i get to share it with my nephew/godson! He was born on the 15th...He's lucky i love him so i don't mind sharing my birthday week with him.
This year we decided that we really were not going to go out on valentines day..For a couple reasons 1. getting a babysitter twice in one week is tough. 2. taking blase to dinner is fine but not as romantic as one would think. 3. St.Cloud people go crazy on valentines day and its always a wait to go out to dinner. So this year we decided to be super romantic and get........Taco Bell for dinner!!! LOL laugh all you want I'm 9 months preggo so back off my taco bell!!!!
I was super romantic though and got Jason a really nice pair of ray bands and i made him swear to me not to get me flowers. I feel that they are so over priced for this one day all i really wanted was a box of chocolate!
Blase went to school today and had a valentine's day party which he loved! He keeps telling daddy that he came home with candy in his backpack.
On Friday my parents took Blase all day! It was wonderful because we were able to get the nursery painted and almost ready. Jason just needs to get the trim done (he says that i am not allowed to do it because i don't have patience). We are planning on getting that done on Thursday. Blase loves his new big boy room and is doing really good being super careful on the stairs to go up and down. Which in turn makes me feel much better because i was not sure how he was going to take to us painting his room pink!
Wednesday i turn 29! AHHH!!! One more year and I'm 30!!!!!! Holy Moly!!!
We are going to Texas De Brazil for dinner and my parents are going to watch Blase for us! And then on Thursday we have to go to the Dr. I was measuring a week early when i went last week and since we are in the last month i have to go every week! Joy! Luckily i knew the girl who makes appointments and she made me 3 weeks of appointments so then i don't have to deal with trying to get appointments every week.
Well I hope all of you have a great Valentine's Day and get to spend it with your loved ones!
I have my two favorite men to hang out with!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello February!

Well let's see....Told you all that i am not good at keeping up with these things! LOL Well February is in full swing which is good and bad....This month is such a busy month for us....Valentine's Day, Kalen's First Birthday, My Birthday, Exams, Meetings, Painting, Play dates, Prepping for NEW BABY AHHH!!!!!
I think that this month is just going to go by even faster cause i am not quite ready for March to grace us with her presence! Oh well what can you do!??! Blase's new big boy room is just about done now I'm just waiting for the sheet (Wall-E) and the bedspreads to come and he can move...I am hoping to get his little butt up there by the end of the week. I might have to go buy another set of sheets since his Wall-E ones that he insisted on will not get here till the 14th-17th....But once he is moved it is on to the new nursery! Thank goodness cause i have a pink explosion in my bedroom that is just stressing my OCD out!! I cannot handle the clutter yet i have no where else to put it!
Blase is still going to school once a week. However, after much discussion and deliberation we decided that 2 days a week next year is just to much for both Mommy, Him and Baby Girl. I wish i could find a school that offers just one day a week again! Maybe that will be my project this week! Find a pre-school program for 3 year olds that is just one day a week!
I am feeling super pregnant lately and a bit overwhelmed! And i think that Blase is starting to sense it as well...He loves his sister though each night he has to hug and kiss my belly and he says goodnight sister Big Brother Blase loves you! Its so cute! Hopefully he still feels that way once she gets here.
Jason is doing good...keeping busy with school (he graduates in August!) And he has become very active in local politics so those meetings keep him busy.
Other than that its life as normal in this household!
Hopefully i will post again soon!
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