Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

Well another year has passed. Its amazing to me how quickly years pass now that i have my own children. Blase turned 2 this year and started a one day a week pre-school. He goes on Mondays from 9-12:30 and there are 5 other kids in his class. He loves his teacher Miss Kim and loves to go to school. It give Mommy a couple hours on her own that i get to go to the food store or just clean around the house. Blase also pretty much speaks in complete sentences and is very vocal! Another big change for Blase this year was he moved into a big boy bed (getting ready for Baby #2).
We also welcomed another member to the Scibetta-Ullrich family. Michael and Jessica had Kalen on February 15th (one day before my birthday!). Blase loves his cousin Kalen.

2011 is going to be a very active year for the family as well. The first goal of 2011 is to get Blase's Big Boy Room ready for him. He is moving into the room upstairs so we can move baby girl into his old room. Jason and I painted the room the other day and Terry is going to come over on Tuesday to do the trimming in and detail work (she's the only one in the family who has the patience for the details!) We are hopeful to get Blase moved up there by the middle of the month. Then we can start on the nursery! I'm so excited for the pink explosion to begin.
We are also welcoming a new nephew or niece to Michael and Jessica. They are due June 2nd! So it will be really fun to have 2 little ones so close in age.
Blase is already pretty excited about being a Big Brother. Every night when we are going night night he always has to give his baby sister a big squeeze and a kiss.

We hope that your family is blessed this New Year!
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