Monday, December 19, 2011

9 months

Miss Grace is just flying through her first year! I cannot believe that she will be 1 in March. That is just crazy to me! She is now crawling like a pro which Blase is not to thrilled about. She loves when Mommy forgets to close the gate and she heads right to Kosmo's food to play! She just started trying to pull up on things which is crazy to me. She gets up on her knees and then usually falls over. She started saying Mama this month although her favorite word is Dada although she prefers me to him. She also just started clapping and raising her hands when you say so big. She is doing better eating food but she is super picky about textures! Ugh! So different from when Blase was a baby he would eat EVERYTHING and not think twice. We went to the Dr. on Thursday December 15, 2011
She is now weighing 17 pounds and 12 ounces and is measuring in at a whopping 29 and a half inches! She is now wearing 9 month shirts and dresses but her pants need to be 12 months so they are long enough! We are looking forward to her first Christmas on Sunday!
Clapping for Mommy

Grace Alexis at 9 Months

I see you!

Mommy I'm gonna get that camera!

Oh nice Mommy left the gate open!


This month is just flying by I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here!! We are in full Christmas swing here in the Ullrich house! Last week ( I think) my Mom and I loaded up the car and headed down to Downtown Disney to see Santa! We have seen the same Santa since Blase was born. This year was another wonderful year for Blase and Santa. Those two are like old friends. Now granted it was not always like this! I guess I do not really blame kids! Think about it we tell them all the time not to talk to strangers and then around Christmas time we put them on some old guys lap to tell him what they want?! But this year again (last year also) he went running up to Santa and was telling him all kinds of things! Luckily this year I knew what he was going to ask for no Clifford situation again like last year! So, away he went to Santa and was telling him how he really wants the pelican movie (rio) and then Santa went and asked what his sister wanted?! Really Santa?!? I thought we were on the same page!! I have no idea what is he going to tell Santa what Grace wanted and I did not have said present in my closet!!! Luckily he responded with something that is simple to find. He told him that his sister wanted a silly doll. So Mommy pulled out her trusty Iphone and used that wonderful amazon app to order a doll for Miss Grace! Here are some picture from the past Santa visits and this year! Enjoy!

Blase and Santa 2008
Blase 2009 (He was not happy this year!)
This is when he started to really like him!

Grace and Blase 2011
She was not thrilled!

2011 Grace's first time meeting Santa


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas!! Sorry about the amount of pictures in this blog and how long it is going to be!! We have some very fun traditions in the Ullrich house this time of year! I LOVE Christmas! I love to decorate! I love to get a tree! I just love the whole thing!

Now, this first tradition is a new one! I am addicted to pinterest! If you don't have an invite to it just let me know! I thought I could waste time on facebook. Well that is nothing compared to pinterest! There are so many great ideas on there. This is one that I found and just fell in love with. I just wish I found this back in 2008 when Blase was first born.
It is a family Christmas tree skirt. I decided that I would put Jason and my hands in the middle and put when our family was established. So it says Ullrich est. 2006
Then I added the kids hand prints and put the year 2011. You do this each year and you can watch the kids grow! How awesome is that?! (I got the skirt from Target for 5 bucks! I decided to do pink and blue paint cause that is what i had on hand!)

Another tradition we have in this house is one that my husbands mother started with her kids. Every year she would get them an ornament that represented them at the time. Then when they got married she gave them the box so they would have stuff to put on their tree! I loved it so I started it with Blase and now I am starting it with Grace.

This was for Blase's First Christmas 2008


This one he might end up getting because the one I bought in 2009 was a series! So I cannot not get them! LOL

2010 all he LOVED was Toy Story

Now I decided that this year he is old enough to pick his own so we will be going to the store soon to get his for 2011

Here is Miss Grace's First Christmas 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rudolph Shirts

So for Halloween we make Boo shirts. This time of year we make Rudolph shirts! Granted we are doing a play date to make these shirts soon but I wanted to get mine done so I have time to help everyone else! But for those of you that want to make these on your own I thought I would post a quick how to!

Ok so this is super easy! You need 2 different color brown paints, black buttons, and either a red bell or a red pom-pom. Also if you have a girl you could add a bow like I did for Grace.

So choose which color you want for the face. Place your child's foot in the paint and then press their foot onto the shirt. You want the toes to face up towards the neck so the nose is the child's heel. Then you want to do the antlers. Place the child's hands into the other color brown and place on both sides of their foot. (This is easier said than done with the little ones!)
I let my shirts dry for a while before I added the nose, eyes, and bow. I personally, sewed the pieces on but you could totally just super glue or hot glue them onto the shirt.
Then finally, I used puffy paint to add their name and year!

Grace is 8 Months and her first Thanksgiving!

So this is super late but Miss Grace turned 8 months old on November 13th! I personally cannot believe that she is already 8 months old! I thought that time went by really fast with Blase but I feel like Grace is just flying through the months! She is now able to sit herself up from a lying position! Yesterday, November 27th she actually made a real attempt at crawling and got a couple good scoots out of it. Part of me is ready for her to crawl but the other part of me is scared for her to crawl because then I will have two mobile children! Plus, if she is crawling that means that all of Blase's toys are fair game! LOL He is not going to do well with that!

Miss Grace Alexis

This month we also had Blase's Thanksgiving Day Feast at school. He looked so cute in the tie that Mommy made for him! I also made Grace a skirt to go with her Thanksgiving onesie. Blase did good during his performance. Granted he did not sing at all but he still looked awesome! My Dad did not have to work till 2 so he was able to join us and Jason was able to talk to his boss about going in late. So Blase was very lucky to have Me, Grace, Bobo, and Daddy at his show! Although, I forgot to take a picture of all of us!
Blase singing

Blase and Grace

Thanksgiving was also this month! Everyone one was OFF!! Which in our family is rare! Jason is still training so he was told that he would not be working. Mom and Aunt Terry were able to trade with people at work so they did not have to work. Dad's normal days off are Thursday and Friday. And Michael and Jessica were able to come for the holiday and they are staying for about 10 days! Lots of quality time to spend with them! Blase is loving all the time he is getting with Kalen!

Blase and Kalen

Grace and Lucas

Turkey Butt!

I hope that your family also had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Wow we have changed so much over the last couple of years!! This was our first year actually trick or treating! The last couple of years we went to Downtown Saint Cloud trick or treating and this year we loaded up the car and headed to my Grandmothers to take Blase and Grace around the neighborhood! Well, Blase LOVED it!! He was a doorbell ringing machine! We had a great time!
Here is a look back at some of the past halloween costumes!

Blase in his First Halloween Onesie

Blase's First Halloween 2008

Blase as a Skunk 2009

Blase and his Wall-E Costume that he would not wear
Blase as Hook 2011

Grace's First Halloween 2011

Grace as Tinkerbelle 2011

Grace and Blase 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy Halloween Activities!

Well we have had a VERY busy week! On Monday Jason started his new job, Tuesday we went to Legoland, Wednesday we had a Halloween party, Thursday Blase had his school fall festival, Friday we went to Sea World to have breakfast with Count Van Count, Saturday we hung out with Jason, and now today we have our church picnic! And then of course tomorrow we are going Trick or Treating!!!

On Wednesday i loaded my car up and headed to the Orlando side of town for a Halloween party with my Moms group! We had a great time and it was great to see the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! Blase is Capt Hook and Grace is Tinkerbell! We had a great time!

Blase as Hook

Mommy and Tinkerbell

Our Gang!

On Thursday, Blase had his fall festival at school. It took a little convincing but he ended up wearing his Hook costume again! Which is great cause I LOVE it!! He had a great time and it was a little rough for Grace. He did much better this year than he did last year. (I think the costumes really freaked him out last year) He loved playing the games and then after that they had pizza in his classroom. Grace and I hung out for the parade and the games but someone was getting really fussy so we headed home after that and then we went back at 12:30 to get him from school and hear about all the fun things he did!

Blase in front of the school sign

Blase and his Pre-K 3 Class

Friday, I was looking really forward to! Last year around Christmas we had lunch with Santa at Sea World and it was AWESOME!! So, when i heard that they had breakfast with the count for Halloween I was thrilled!! Well, it sucked! :( We were so disappointed! There was no show they sang one song that i missed because i was feeding Grace! The characters did come around and do a meet and greet with the kids so the kiddos enjoyed that. But next year i think this will be one that we skip! (But i am so excited for Santa!!) We also dressed them all in their Boo shirts that we made a couple weeks ago!

The kids!

Drake and Blase with Cookie Monster!
(Blase was Thrilled to meet him!!)

Count Van Count, Mommy, Grace, Elmo and Blase

The group

Saturday, October 29, 2011


So a few months back Legoland Florida was offering free admission to all VIP members to the new legoland park in Winter Haven. So, I waited on the phone for over an hour to get me and Jason signed up so we can get in for free....Fast forward to this week..the free admission was only for this week. We discussed it and decided that we would go on whatever day Jason was off. He ended up being off on Tuesday and Saturday. We thought it would be safer and less crowded to go on a week day so on Tuesday we kept Blase out of school and loaded up the car to head to Legoland!
What an amazing day!! This park is perfect for toddlers. The main group they target is for 3-12 year olds. If I did not have Jason with me we would not have had a great time because there is NOTHING that Grace can do. But, Blase was in heaven! There were only a couple things that he was not tall enough for (he is 37 inches high and a few were for 40 inches). He loved driving the car all by himself but the funny part is that he doesn't really concentrate and drive at the same time so he caused a few crashes! He also ran his car up on the curb. He also liked the boats with Jason. They have a ride that is a lot like the buzz lightyear ride at the Magic Kingdom. The only difference is though that when he hit the targets something actually happens instead of just getting you points. They also had a horse ride that you had to be 4 (hehe) to go on but he loved it!! I have to say that it was a really relaxing park and I loved the fact that they had a couple different playgrounds where the kids could get out and just run and play. The baby center was ok not as nice as the ones at disney but nice none the less! Jason and I really enjoyed the mini town USA the best. We spent over an hour in that section of the park. There was so much to see and so many details! I have to admit the only downside to the park is that it is an hour away. Jason and I were talking about maybe getting a year pass. Which makes more sense anyways because its 75 dollars to get in and 12 dollars to park and the year pass is 129 and that includes parking! Oh and the other thing we learned is to order kids meals! Blase's cheeseburger was 5.99 and it included a drink, fries, and a piece of fruit. Our burgers were 9.49 and they included a drink and fries! Blase's burger was the same size as ours!! Lesson learned! LOL Here are just a few of the many pictures we took!
Blase in the shark!

Blase at Mini Town USA

Blase Driving

Jason and Blase

My Knight!
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