Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year New Adventures!

Well every year i start off with the hope to keep up with a blog...and every year i end up forgetting about it or just not having time to maintain it! But yet here i am again trying to start something up again!

We are finally starting to settle down again after the holidays! It feels like we have just been flying through the months! Which is both a blessing and a curse!

We are excited to bring in the new year since it will also bring in a new little GIRL!!! She is due to come on March 15th but it feels like time is just passing way to fast for us to get ready! Jason is already getting mad at me for stressing out over getting ready for our new little one!

But in my defence there is a lot that needs to get done before March! We need to get the upstairs room ready for Blase since he will be moving up there and then the baby will get his old room...We need to paint both rooms (upstairs and down) Get Blase's new furniture ready...And my goal is to get him potty trained by the time she gets here (which is easier said then done!!) We have however moved him into a "Big boy Bed" which he loves so that is one less thing to worry about!!

My biggest concern is that i don't want way to much change for Blase before she gets here but i also don't want everything to change once she is here! Ugh!

Blase is getting bigger and bigger by the minute! He loved seeing Santa this year! He saw him a ton! (i think i counted that we saw him 6 times!!) And we had our family Christmas on the 23rd due to the fact that Jason and I both had to work Christmas day! It was a really fun day of family time! He still however thinks that "He sees more presents!"

He is going to school one day a week and loves every minute of it! Hopefully he will be potty trained so he can go again next year it will be 2 days a week which will give me time to have some alone time with the baby!

Jason and I are both doing good...Jason will graduate from the University of Florida in August and I am working 2 days a week at the Ihop which is great because my parents take Blase on Friday nights so i can work on Saturday....(Not that they don't LOVE having him every week!!)

Well that's about all that has been going on and i promise to be more diligent about keeping this up!

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